8 Ways Our Best-in-Class Privileged Account Management Can Protect You

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Captchas, concealed passwords, antivirus software, and firewalls simply aren't enough anymore.

Too much data is online, with too many potential loopholes to access it. On average, a data breach in the U.S. in 2019 involved 25,575 records and ended up costing the company $3.92 million. That sort of damage can strike a business down in its tracks.

Especially in the wake of COVID-19—and the accompanying rapid expansion of remote work—cyber security planning is central to the safety and sustainability of your business. But it demands a holistic approach with full oversight into the who, when, and how of access to your most sensitive accounts. 

A virtual private network (VPN) can provide a sense of self-contained safety. However, when passwords and logins are in the hands of end-users—not the business itself—there’s no telling what unexpected risks can present themselves. No protections can save you from compromised security credentials; the attacker will be welcomed in at the front door. Privileged account management (PAM) rectifies this situation with a layered, multi-pronged approach to cyber and cloud security management.

Our Top 8 Privileged Account Management Tactics

At TSI, we utilize a powerful combination of top-performing tools to keep all privileged accounts reliably secure. All PAM solutions should feature these 8 tactics for safeguarding your accounts (and the data they contain).

1. A Password Vault

This is the core of a privileged account management system. End-users should never know or have direct access to the root passwords that access critical resources. These credentials are kept in a secure digital vault and access is granted to the user via the Password vault.

2. Seamless Security Ecosystem Integration

The PAM software sector is expanding at a 33% annual growth rate, which means there’s a lot of new software out there. Many of them lack critical integrations with the range of related software your security team is managing. Our best-in-class tools will seamlessly integrate into your software stack and all associated business technologies, so that you can manage your ecosystem holistically.

3. Full Life Cycle Control

A bird’s eye view of all privileged accounts, with easy-to-manage permissions and parameters, is essential. Privileged account management is only as secure as the company’s ability to define the functions and data each role can access—including the preset conditions that would end this access. 

4. Emergency Approvals

In a time of emergency, top-end users must have a “big red button” available to streamline access approvals so all hands can get on deck without red tape.  You’ll need the power to define which privileged accounts or job roles receive accelerated access in an emergency and what activities should be automatically greenlit. Rest assured, every request and action in the workflow can still be audited and tracked.   

5. Privileged Password Management (PPM)

 A PPM function enables your privileged account management platform to automate some of the workflows involved in distributing passwords and access to each privileged account. The system will rely upon preset policies and requisite approvals to move forward while still ensuring that the PAM manager can monitor and regulate all activity.

6. Real-Time Incident Information Access

A tool like a REST API or another data access interface will empower your security team to access real-time data on detected incidents immediately, and take action (or send alerts) related to those threats. 

7. Monitoring and Recording of Established Sessions

Truly top-notch privileged account management solutions will establish discrete privileged access sessions, allow admins to view those sessions in real-time, and record them in a complete catalog of activity (perhaps for proof of compliance or future audits).

8. Audits, Reports, and Data Forensics Tools

Lastly, comprehensive metrics on access (who, when, where, what) are critical—along with the session recordings—to amassing data for audits and compliance. You’ll want a complete view of privileged user activity, including which passwords are checked out, how often, by whom, and what is done while in the system.  Best-in-class PAM tools are outfitted to assist in trend mapping or post-incident forensic investigations.

If you’re on the hunt for best-in-class privileged account management to protect your sensitive data and end-user access points, TSI is here to serve your security needs. Contact us today to discuss what we can do to protect you.

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