Don’t Get Caught Without Your Mask!

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In an age where we use masks as valuable protection to our very lives, it should come to our attention that there may be other areas of our lives where "masks" could be of assistance.

The masks we use to protect our physical health from attack come in every shape, pattern, fabric and fiber known to man. We can accessorize by color, pattern and season. We can have one for each hour of our day. We go the extra length to protect our bodies from the harmful viruses plaguing our world, while looking cute in the process. But, do we even think about the internet and the dark viruses swarming through it? We email, on-line shop, fulfill business needs and even keep personal identifiable information stored within the small dimensions of a computer- not thinking about the vast and dark world to which it leads. Today it is not just our physical health we need to protect with a mask.  

What Is Ransomware?

Like a virus that attacks your body and robs you of your health, Ransomware is a virus that can block your access to computer systems or needed data until a ransom is paid. Ransomware is a quiet virus that sneaks in and infiltrates every part of your computer’s system and the data we so casually store there. Ransomware can infiltrate through phishing emails or even by simply clicking on an unknowingly infected website. We don’t think to “mask up” our system. We don’t go looking for some color coordinating string of code that can keep a virus like this from attacking the data that truly runs our lives. We go about our day- trusting the universally accessed internet to store our personal sensitive information safely and securely without any real protective gear.   

Why Should I Care About Ransomware?

The criminals behind Ransomware attacks know the ignorant bliss we chose to live in with regards to our lack of “masked” systems. They know the general public would prefer the ease of saving all their passwords on-line, keeping their credit card or bank information “on file” and all in all just enjoying the ease of the internet and technology while being ignorant of the virus threat therein. You may be an expert at sniffing out a phishing email, so why worry about Ransomware? If you know not to click on the phishing email link, then your system is completely safe right? Wrong. Phishing email is only half the battle with Ransomware. What about an infected website? It may appear asymptomatic as you click through, but without your system being “masked up” you are unknowingly inviting the virus right in. 

How Can I Arm My System Against an Attack?

You can’t wait to be on the defensive end of a Ransomware attack. Be on the offensive by investing in the cyber security you need to protect from malicious attacks. You can’t buy a highly decorated mask to protect your IT systems, but you can call TSI. Our technicians and engineers are trained to mask up your system before Ransomware attacks. Don’t wait until your information is compromised and your system is under attack. Call TSI today and get the best in “Masked” protection for your system before you’re dealing with the headache of a ransom! 

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