5 Things To Look For When Hiring An IT Company

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The perfect managed IT services company will be much more than a troubleshooting number for technical issues. The wrong fit will fall well short. It pays to be thorough upfront while vetting potential IT company services. You just need to know what you’re looking for.

The five qualities below will separate the top managed service providers from the rest of the pack. IT companies that exhibit most (or all) of these traits will provide the best benefits of managed IT services while minimizing stress. Let’s dive in.

5 Traits of a Top Managed IT Services Company:

1. Human-First Interaction

There’s something of a comic trope around long phone menus and extensive hold times in IT. If the company truly has a human-first philosophy, it won’t be hard to get a real person on the phone when you need it most.

Ask about the service hours of the managed IT services company. Servers and systems don’t wait for convenient times to fail. You’ll want a company with a dedicated human being available for emergencies that crop up any time of day or night, seven days a week.

At TSI, our “personal contact” strategy means that when you call our support line, you’ll get a real person, every time. And you’ll know each others’ names! We give every client a dedicated team and send you their pictures, names, and details about them to forge an instant connection. Your time is valuable, so we answer in an average of two rings and get to work right away on a resolution for your issue or question.

2. Truly Personalized Solutions

It’s not enough for a managed IT services company to provide basic solutions—like antivirus software, a firewall, and a secure password. Today’s complex IT environment demands robust, layered cybersecurity solutions and managed IT services.

Look for a managed IT services company who won’t simply sell you a product, but consult with you on a personalized solution. The IT company must have in-depth knowledge of (and demonstrated experience in) your industry, so you can be sure they’ll provide solutions custom-catered to your needs.

An excellent IT support company will even help you budget for the exact services you require so that all expenses will be consistent, predictable, and manageable.

3. A Proactive and Reactive Approach to IT

It’s easy to find companies that rely on a reactive approach centered on service tickets as issues arise. These are necessary and valuable services, but the right managed IT services company goes beyond fixing what’s broken. Data privacy and compliance issues are too serious to leave to chance and react only after a breach occurs.

In other words, what is the IT company working on when the phone isn’t ringing?  You’ll want a company with 24/7 monitoring to detect small network, hardware, or server issues before they escalate into downtime, data loss, or worse.  Regular employee training, assessments, and cybersecurity penetration testing can help you to remediate gaps before they are ever found by actual threats.

4. Broad Expertise (With the Certifications to Prove It!)

Look for a highly qualified MSP that maintains numerous industry certifications (like CompTIA A+) and familiarity with all manner of regulatory compliance standards (such as PCI DSS, EHRs, HIPAA, FISMA, or SOX). Their team should have deep expertise throughout every layer and specialized area of IT company services, including:

  • Data security
  • Data backup and disaster recovery
  • Cybersecurity assessments and remediation
  • Encryption and decryption
  • Penetration testing
  • Employee training and assessment
  • Endpoint and server protection
  • Privileged account management
  • VoIP phone solutions
  • And more!

Ask how the company handles a layered security approach from initial implementation to periodic site analysis to ticket resolution.

5. Accountability and Transparency

Finally, the right managed IT service company will keep communication lines active and provide precise measurements of their results. At TSI, we reach out quarterly to ensure we’re keeping up with KPIs and ask for honest feedback on how we can better help you. Customer happiness makes us happy, which is why we use a third-party system to score every interaction we have with clients. Our results average over 95% — far above the norm for managed IT service providers.

Prioritize these five traits, and you’ll enjoy first-rate IT company services all the way to the last line of defense!

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