How TSI Can Help With Extended (& Permanent) Work-From-Home Solutions

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Our remote IT services give your business the work-from-home solutions to support a remote workforce, including data privacy, SIEM tools, and PAM tools.

At TSI, our brand mission is simple: To Serve. We have never taken this more seriously than during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Plenty of businesses have had to adjust on the fly this year to rapidly accommodate a massive expansion in work-from-home solutions for their employees. In fact, Gartner reports that 41% of employees are likely to continue working remotely (either part or full-time) even once the threat of COVID-19 has ended. This reality has put unprecedented stress on business IT resources—but we’re here to help.

TSI is an all-in-one IT partner with a human touch and comprehensive remote IT services. A personally assigned expert team from TSI will help your business tackle the wide-ranging challenges of extended or permanent work-from-home situations, such as:

  • Remote VoIP telecommunications
  • Fragmented cybersecurity with off-site devices
  • Privileged account management with a decentralized workforce
  • Budget planning, training, and threat assessments for the “new normal”
  • Mobile security and mobile device management

Let’s take a closer look at three of the most impactful remote IT services and work-from-home solutions that companies are seeking in 2020.

1. Security Information Event Management (SIEM) Tools

TSI uses cutting-edge, industry-leading SIEM tools to monitor, detect, and protect your business from all security-related events—even when employees work from remote locations.  Our layered SIEM model starts with the log management capabilities a remote employer needs to maintain full visibility across disparate devices, platforms, and endpoints.

We can help you log all security events and analyze them fully to grasp every possible angle of vulnerability. This can be a huge challenge for a remote workforce, where worker activities must remain visible without any physical ability to supervise or access devices. Real-time notifications and alerts about detected events will help you (and your team at TSI) stay responsive and react quickly.  

2. Data Privacy and Regulatory Compliance

Round-the-clock data monitoring and compliance reporting are critical to the safe deployment of a remote workforce. All companies must maintain regulatory oversight of their data in some form or fashion. This becomes incredibly challenging with a decentralized workforce that operates across a plethora of potential devices and networks.

Our work-from-home compliance solutions can provide you with 24/7 visibility into data compliance, including custom, automatic compliance reporting that saves you time and resources while ironing out the more procedural challenges of a remote workforce.  

3. Privileged Account Management

Our top-performing PAM tools help you authorize and manage remote access to user accounts by exclusively controlling login credentials from the administrator side. End users can only access accounts and sensitive data by borrowing these logins from a secure password vault with robust tracking of access dates, times, and accounts.

According to one Varonis study, 88% of companies with 1 million or more folders “lack appropriate access limitations” and often leave over 100,000 folders accessible to all employees.  Additionally, 41% of companies provide every employee with open access to 1,000+ sensitive files like health records, credit card information, and more. The effective deployment of PAM tools will give your business work-from-home solutions to reliably regulate access to relevant areas only.

Need Work-From-Home Solutions For IT? Let's Talk.

TSI provides managed IT services, cybersecurity, and VoIP telecommunications for private businesses, non-profits, government, and educational organizations. And we’re serious about our mission—To Serve. 

Get in touch with us and to learn more about our comprehensive solutions for your remote workforce, including the three detailed above. With TSI, there’s no need to worry. We’ll put remote IT solutions under your control. 

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